About Bareboats

Its all up to you

Bareboating is when you hire a boat , and sail it yourself. It is called " bare" because the boat does not come with a skipper or crew, you must be able to prove that you can sail, and will be taken out with a skipper from the company on joining the boat, so that he can observe whether you are capable of chartering the boat.

Most bare-boats come equipped with maps and charts, bed linens, basic kitchen utensils, snorkelling equipment is generally provided, you would need to organise your own groceries for the charter and cook your meals. Any additional gear would need to be hired, for example, kayaks, windsurfers, etc.

You can arrange to hire a skipper and chef if you require them. Bareboating is a cheaper option than crewed yachting, as there are less bells and whistles ( Satellite tv, jet skis, wifi etc….)