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Picture yourself cruising the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, Mediterranean or Pacific on board your own private yacht, maybe diving or snorkelling a ship wreck or playground of underwater coral surrounded by colourful sea life, possibly strolling a white sandy beach, where you and your family or friends are the only people to enjoy the serenity. The sun is setting and you have just been given a handcrafted cocktail by your discreet stewardess as you relax on the top deck of your yacht.

Divine Yacht Charters can assist with finding the right yacht and match you with the crew that will fit your groups personality in the destination you desire.

Because at Divine Yacht Charters we know as important as your yacht is, equally so is the crew that will be there to assist you.

Why use a Broker?

Make your experience better


A broker operates as your personalised travel agent specialising in finding you the the perfect yacht, crew and destination


We are able to source the best yachts from all over the world through our professional network. Many of which we have visited at boat shows.


Be secure in the knowledge that we offer a layer of security, booking yachts and crews that are active, genuine and that we may have met.


It does not cost you anything to use a broker, but it will save you time, money and any anxiety you may have finding the perfect yacht.


This bit is obvious 😉

We have been in the International crewed yacht industry for the past 26 years, originally as crew, now as a broker. What gives us the edge over other yacht charter brokers, is that we have first hand experience in what is required to create a first class charter. As past crew, we understand the high standards that the crew and yacht must meet to ensure that your vacation becomes an adventure to remember.

We have an insiders knowledge of the crews and yachts. It is important to make sure the yacht fits all your requirements and that the crew compliment your personality.

Any broker can find you a yacht, but with our extensive industry experience, you are in a safe harbour.

Lisa Mead Director.

Fun 100%

Relaxability 100%

Professionalism 100%

Culinary delight 100%